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- Complete management of all procurement phases for the whole project, form the start until the delivery   of the material to the Port of destination and/or its delivery on site.

- Prepare Vendor Lists. We can also search for and qualify fresh Suppliers not previously included in vendor   lists.

- Management of all procurement procedures until purchase orders are issued.

- Management of bids and contracts to farm out works to third parties and/or to hire manpower.

- Operations of expediting and/or testing.

- Prepare equipment lists for on site / on shop use, with management of all phases of technical screening   and procurement.

- Procurement of spare parts.

- Supervision, on behalf of our Customers, of the said activities as carried out by engineering companies   and/or suppliers.

- Prepare specifications for packing and delivery.

 IRCADO Know-How

Know How

- Analysis and evaluation of tenders.

- Elaboration of technical and commercial documentation according to the tenders.

- Realisation of studies of feasibility for mechanical, electrical and process plants and relevant auxiliary   systems for various industrial applications.

- Evaluation of supply and manpower costs for mechanical, electrical and process plants.

IRCADO works also in the business of detail engineering. At the clients request we also can offer the following services:

- Design and calculate pressure and atmospheric tanks.

- Design, calculate and analyse piping systems and connected equipments.

- Design and calculate electrical HV, MV and LV systems.

- Check, on our customers’ behalf, design executed by third parties.