Who We Are?

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IRCADO is a trading, services and consulting company mainly operating in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pipelines and Energy Production industries.

Operational Fields
The professional field covered is undoubtedly wide, due to the specific technical, managing and commercial experiences made by each person of our staff in the design and realisation of several industrial plants both in ROMANIA and abroad.

IRCADO  is a society that works in the national and international field of technology and commerce, with a particular disposition for products and services that have some correlation with the petrochemical, energy and civil industries.

IRCADO is present in the home and world markets every day and it avails itself of the precious collaboration of dynamic men, that are highly professional both in the field of services and in that of direct or indirect transactions.

Thanks to the trustwohrty experience and the well-known efficiency that characterize its structures, IRCADO is always able to propose consistent and favourable tenders at fair prices in the several branchs of the National and World economy.

In order to optimize our Import-Export contacts and procedures,IRCADO has created a wide net of connections that is solidly supported by a widespread supply organization and by a modern computer system with softwares and programs that meet the many and various requirements of our usual or occasional Customers.

Our databases, the gathering and availability of statistical data, our methodology of work, our deep knowledge of the market and of national and international prices, all make sure that IRCADO achieves constantly the best results.

Thanks to its many professional skills and its high level of functionality, IRCADO is without doubt the best solution for all possible problems that may arise in the business of trading and services.

IRCADO works in the business of procurement for Engineering and Construction companies in ROMANIA, EUROPA and all over the world.

By exploiting our know-how in the procurement business our customers can:

- Have leaner and more flexible structures for their businesses
- Optimize their operating costs